Possible developments.

Omar player000 at noos.fr
Sat Jun 29 17:55:04 CEST 2002

IIRC he Mac DivX player under OS9 used libraries found in 
WindowsMediaPlayer for OS9, the 3ivx guy wouldn't be able to help either.

Le mercredi 26 juin 2002, à 04:51 , The DJ a écrit :

>> What does wma mean for you, file format or the audio codec used in it ?
>> For the file format it's just a .asf file. But I have never seen an
>> implementation of the audio codec. ( mplayer uses win32 library to
>> support it, I don't know about xmms ).
> Xmms is the file format aswell. I thought it was audio too, but I was
> mistaken. Damn. You'd say that by now there should be some code available 
> to
> do this. I know the Mac DivX player for OS9 is able to hanlde it. But I
> doubt the writer would like to share his code. He is the one behind 3ivX.


OSX Junkie

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