[vlc-devel] Re: RFC: refurbishing the configuration manager

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at wxs.nl
Tue Oct 8 21:37:08 CEST 2002

Samuel Hocevar wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 08, 2002, Christophe Massiot wrote:
>>My problem is, that many configuration variables which currently
>>relate to the libvlc object, should in fact relate to a specific input
>>file. I'm talking about configuring the audio channel, spu, program,
>>chapters, titles, codecs to use.
>    This is a good point and I suspect it'll be very difficult to do
> it right, but I have a few ideas that can make it easier, and hopefuly
> other people will come with their own suggestions.
>>In the future we'll have even many
>>more problems when the stream output is available, and a specific 
>>program must be sent to a specific stream output, and another to the 
>>screen, etc.
>    I think we can allow this by using tagged variables. For instance
> the first playlist item could be called i1 (or whatever special char,
> it's not really the point here), and the second item would be i2, and
> we'd set "i1::sout" to tell vlc that first item should go to a stream
> output, and "i2::vout" to tell vlc it should go to a video output.
>    Just a guess, I don't think we can handle everything this way,
> maybe we'll need some sort of simple scripting language. Selecting
> a given program inside a tagged stream will probably be a nightmare :)
>>Currenty, our policy has been to include all needed parameters in the
>>URL line. For instance in the VCD input, vcd:/dev/cdrom at title,chapter.
>>However, we'll have a lot of parameters added in the near future, and
>>we can't patch all URL parsers to include new parameters.
>    Agreed. Even now we have too many of them. dvd:/dev/dvd at 4,2 could be
> split into something like "/dev/dvd --i1::title 4 --i1::chapter 2".
At least make it more sensible. What about something like:
   vlc dvd:/dev/dvd --dvd:1:title 4 --dvd:1:chapter 2"
   vlc <url> --<module>:<playlist order>:<module parameter> {value}*

So you could also do, e.g:
    vlc dvd:/dev/dvd --dvd:1:title 4 --dvd:1:chapter 2 --sout:1:rtp
Meaning: stream dvd from input device /dev/dvd,
          name it playlist item 1,
          take title 4 from playlist item 1,
          take chapter 2 from playlist item 1,
          stream playlist item 1 as rtp

For me this is more human readible. And it allows for a simple generic 
commandline parser that could encompass all known and future 
functionality. Just like you suggested sam only a bit more clear.


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