playlist handling

Samuel Hocevar sam at
Mon Sep 16 10:46:40 CEST 2002

On Sun, Sep 15, 2002, Stephan Assmus wrote:

> I'm currently working on better playlist support for the BeOS interface 
> plug-in. I noticed that some vlc playlist functions have a strange 
> behaviour. BTW, I'm talking about 0.4.3. When a stream is currently 
> playing, using the JumpTo() function is only modifing the playlist 
> itself, it dosn't take care of the actual change in what is being 
> played. However, if no stream is playing, it triggers playback. I would 
> consider this inconsistent. What's worse, when no stream is playing, 
> you have to jump to index_you_want-1. Is there a logic behind this?

   No. There is nothing close to logic here. The playlist in the 0.4.x
branch is a fatuitous inheritance from the asinine mind of an ancient
developer and should be completely ignored.

> Has any of this changed in the current tree?

   Yes. The code is now in src/playlist/playlist.c and should be a lot
cleaner. The playlist now runs in its own thread.

> Is there currently some documentation on the playlist stuff in vlc?

   No, sorry. And the set of useful functions is probably not quite
complete yet, but it's almost enough for the Gtk interface to work,
you'll have no other choice than looking at how the other GUIs use the
playlist API until the documentation is written.

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