playlist handling

Stephan Assmus stippi at
Mon Sep 16 14:17:59 CEST 2002

> > I'm currently working on better playlist support for the BeOS 
> > interface 
> > plug-in. I noticed that some vlc playlist functions have a strange 
> > behaviour. BTW, I'm talking about 0.4.3. When a stream is currently 
> > playing, using the JumpTo() function is only modifing the playlist 
> > itself, it dosn't take care of the actual change in what is being 
> > played. However, if no stream is playing, it triggers playback. I 
> > would 
> > consider this inconsistent. What's worse, when no stream is 
> > playing, 
> > you have to jump to index_you_want-1. Is there a logic behind this?
>    No. There is nothing close to logic here. The playlist in the 
> 0.4.x
> branch is a fatuitous inheritance from the asinine mind of an ancient
> developer and should be completely ignored.

Alright, then I won't bother improving on the BeOS playlist anymore 
until I switch to the 0.5.0 tree. Which reminds me... how close is that 
tree to being considered "ready for public"? When I work on the BeOS 
interface, I want to concentrate on just that. Is 0.5.0 evolved enough 
to give me no headache during development?

> > Is there currently some documentation on the playlist stuff in vlc?
>    No, sorry. And the set of useful functions is probably not quite
> complete yet, but it's almost enough for the Gtk interface to work,
> you'll have no other choice than looking at how the other GUIs use 
> the
> playlist API until the documentation is written.

Alright, that won't be a big problem. Thanks a lot for the quick 


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