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Tony Castley tony at
Tue Sep 17 12:17:17 CEST 2002

Stephan Assmus wrote:

>>>I'm currently working on better playlist support for the BeOS 
>>>plug-in. I noticed that some vlc playlist functions have a strange 
>>>behaviour. BTW, I'm talking about 0.4.3. When a stream is currently 
>>>playing, using the JumpTo() function is only modifing the playlist 
>>>itself, it dosn't take care of the actual change in what is being 
>>>played. However, if no stream is playing, it triggers playback. I 
>>>consider this inconsistent. What's worse, when no stream is 
>>>you have to jump to index_you_want-1. Is there a logic behind this?
>>   No. There is nothing close to logic here. The playlist in the 
>>branch is a fatuitous inheritance from the asinine mind of an ancient
>>developer and should be completely ignored.
>Alright, then I won't bother improving on the BeOS playlist anymore 
>until I switch to the 0.5.0 tree. Which reminds me... how close is that 
>tree to being considered "ready for public"? When I work on the BeOS 
>interface, I want to concentrate on just that. Is 0.5.0 evolved enough 
>to give me no headache during development?
Ok I have been trying to get the tree working under BeOS.  I got the 
automake etc from the BeBits app VIM6.1.  Now it bootstraps ok.  I had 
to remove and dlfnc.h other wise the detection and usage got 
confused as per my previous message.  If I then configure and make and 
it does not compile the ffmpeg.h file, so I removed the ffmpeg from my 
confugre options.  Then I got the error that beos_specific.c did not 
exist for beos_specific.o to be built.  Odd as it has always been a 
*.cpp file.  So I renamed that they I get the warning that it is 
overriding the build options for beos_specific but everything compiles. 
 Cool I think I finally got back to where I could work on the aout, but 
no!!  The executable outputs the startup version line then segfaults 
with no stack trace.

I am totally out of my depth.  I cannot get this to work in the time I 
have to spend on it.  Concider this a cry for help!



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