[vlc-devel] about the exported dll method in the win32 interface

MaFai zh-ma at hkbn.com.hk
Wed Apr 23 03:38:22 CEST 2003

Hello, vlc-devel,

	I know the developer has no regard of the win32 interface .But I really need it.Because I still not know how to generate wxwindows interface in cygwin.Moveover,it's easy to use CBuilder revise the win32 itnerface.For other somereason,I must use CBuilder nowadays.

	VLC 0.5.3 ,CBuilder5  . Compile successfully.
	I open the win32.bpr and read the code.
	And I find one line in win32.app as follow:
	extern "C" __declspec(dllexport)
 	   int __VLC_SYMBOL( vlc_entry ) ( module_t *p_module );

	This is a declaration of the method,which can be used in outside by C,VB or VC. And I find no other method delcare like this in the whole CBuilder project.So only one method can be used in outside,I think. Curiously,there is no difinition of this method,even I search all files in the vlc folder recursively.So I can not make sure that this method functional or not. Do any one explain it?

	In the win32.app file
	static void Run( intf_thread_t *p_intf )
    p_intf->p_sys->p_window = new TMainFrameDlg( NULL, p_intf );
    p_intf->p_sys->p_playwin = new TPlaylistDlg( NULL, p_intf );
    p_intf->p_sys->p_messages = new TMessagesDlg( NULL, p_intf );
    p_intf->p_sys->p_menus = new TMenusGen( p_intf );

    /* show main window and wait until it is closed */

    if( p_intf->p_sys->p_disc ) delete p_intf->p_sys->p_disc;
    if( p_intf->p_sys->p_network ) delete p_intf->p_sys->p_network;
    if( p_intf->p_sys->p_preferences ) delete p_intf->p_sys->p_preferences;
    delete p_intf->p_sys->p_menus;
    delete p_intf->p_sys->p_messages;
    delete p_intf->p_sys->p_playwin;
    delete p_intf->p_sys->p_window;
	I find this line as follow:
	I seriously believe that this line will show the mainframe.But there is no EXPORTED DLL method to call Run().How the vlc.exe open the mainwindow?

	I can not determind this is a suitable post.And I have tried to post in the CBuilder messageboard,But the CB fans has no idea about this question.



Best regards. 

zh-ma at hkbn.com.hk

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