[vlc-devel] Playlist & Streaming from VLC: BUG

FunOne FunOne at tyler.net
Fri Aug 22 21:05:31 CEST 2003

Ok, I think I've found a bug:

I'm trying to setup VLC on my storage box to stream my collection of
cartoons to my main desktop. Both machines are Win 2k. I created a
playlist of every file (piped DIR /S into a file, cleaned it up, and
added the header) then loaded it into VLC. If I then open a file and
setup all the streaming output, it'll only stream the first file. If I
have the random/forever option set, it fails immediatly and begins
playing in a window on the remote machine.

Basically, any file opened from the playlist ignores the settings of
the currently open video and instead uses the defaults from "Simple
Open" to read the file.

Now I'm not sure if the broadcasting settings have any provisions for
changing resolution (a sure problem with my collection mixing Family
Guy SVCDs with Futurama VCDs) but if it can be handled then this is
just incorrect playlist behavior.

Now if I'm horribly off base tell me, but I'm under the impression
that the VLS server doesn't do all the fancy re-encoding that the
client does, one of the key reasons I'd rather stream from the client
than setup the server. I'm interested in broadcasting a wide range of
diverse video types and have them all re-encoded for broadcast (which
the client can do) in high bitrate MP4 for super-low-resource decoding
on the client machine(s). Now if the server CAN do this, I'll try
that, but I'm operating under the notion that the server can really
only stream MPEG data at this point in time.

FunOne at tyler.net

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