[vlc-devel] problems streaming DVD

Paul Forgey paulf at aphrodite.com
Wed Jun 4 20:45:48 CEST 2003

I've got two machines running the cvs version of vlc, current as of 
before the recent activity with GUI skins.  One is a Linux machine with 
P4 2.26G CPU, 512MB RAM.  The other is OS 10.2.6, 867 Mhz G4 with 1.12 
GB RAM.  Both are on a 100 MB switching network with very little 
traffic.  I can substitute the Mac workstation for a Powerbook 667 Mhz 
G4 512 MB RAM with the exact same results.

Let's call the Linux machine 'A' and Mac 'B'.  Here's what I can find.  
By x -> y I mean that x is streaming out a DVD and y is watching it.  
In no case is there overt CPU usage on either server or client; VLC 
seems to use around 30-40% cpu (on either machine) when it renders and 
almost nothing when it streams.  No significant swap activity on either 
machine in either test.

'A':			Plays back just fine.
'B':			Plays back just fine.
'A' -> 'A'	Regularly lags about every quarter second or so
'A' -> 'B'	Save as 'A'->'A' test plus crap in the picture
'B' -> 'A'	Same as 'A'->'A'; no crap in the picture
'B' -> 'B'	Same as 'A'->'B'

To summarize: crap occurs when the Mac is receiving, temporal problems 
occur all around, and no trouble playing the DVD when the network is 
not involved.

By "crap", one of two things happen on a frame showing it.  Either a 
neat square within the picture has random data, or a stripe within the 
picture has random data, and the remainder of the frame is shifted over 
a bit.

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