[vlc-devel] re : MP3 audio demuxer and SYNCHRO_OK re : MP3 audio demuxer and SYNCHRO_OK re : MP3 audio demuxer and SYNCHRO_OK re : MP3 audio demuxer and SYNCHRO_OK

j.zorko at att.net j.zorko at att.net
Thu Jun 5 19:18:10 CEST 2003


<<In this demuxer it shouldn't matter. Considering the way the PCRs are emulated there is no 
reason why the synchro should ever be != OK.

The problem you have likely comes from the fact that p_demux->i_pts should be initialized to 0 
(look at the special i_clock == 0 case in ClockManageRef()). >>

If you're referring to disabling the synchro by always passing in a 0 for i_clock in the 
input_ClockManageRef() call in the Demux() function, this breaks it completely, on OSX and RH9 
boxes i've tried.  The way the breakage manifests itself is different, but on OSX i'm working off of 
the latest CVS code, and on RH9 we're using 0.5.3 as our codebase, so perhaps this explains it.

If you're referring to the i_pts member inside p_demux ever getting initialized, it's accomplished in 
the Activate() function:

memset( p_demux, 0, sizeof( demux_sys_t ) );

... or were you referring to something else?



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