[vlc-devel] Building Win32 versions of VLC

Ditta Khan d.kahn at pci.co.uk
Wed Mar 12 10:52:21 CET 2003

Dear all,

Can anyone relate their their experience in trying to build the VLC (0.5.1) client in the MingGW environment under Windows 2000. I am having great difficulty in in doing this. I am a newbie to linux-style development and Videolan.

I've managed to build libdvdcss without much hassle - so my MingW environment has been setup OK? I am currently finding the VLC configure script hangs when trying to create the makefiles. 

Do I need to run the bootstrap script beforehand? What is its purpose? Do I need to build and install the autoconf, automake, m4 tools?

What environment do most of you guys use or what would you recommend for creating the win32 version?

Thanks for any help.

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