[vlc-devel] Re: Modules and dependencies ...

John Michael Zorko j.zorko at att.net
Sat May 17 05:56:41 CEST 2003


>> There is some functionality in one module that I want to call from 
>> another (specifically, I want the
>> file access module under vlc/modules/access/file.c to be able to use 
>> the MP3 frame header
>> detection code in modules/demux/mpeg/audio.c i.e. GetHeader()).  Is 
>> this possible -- can one
>> module use the services of another, and if so, how do I set this up?
>  You shouldn't need that. I think that one problem you have is that 
> the seek
> is transmeted to the access and not to the demuxer and that's pretty 
> stupid.

Well, I wasn't in any position to call it 'stupid' -- just 'not what I 
need' :-)

>  We will work on a new input for vlc that will solve it but it will 
> take
> "some" time to be in cvs and usable...

I am more than willing to help with this, as i've been studying the VLC 
source for weeks now, and have implemented some stuff that it didn't do 
before, and I needed to get familiar with the inputs, input_ext's, 
modules, demuxers, etc. to do it ...

>  The simplest for the moment is that you just copy GetHeader to file.c 
> but
> that's not beautiful.

... it's not just GetHeader(), though ... GetHeader() needs all sorts 
of stuff to do it's magic.  I was thinking, for a fraction of a second, 
of just copying everything it needed to file.c, change the names 
slightly to protect the innocent (for this would be quite a guilty hack 
<g>) and solve the problem that way, but I want to do the things I need 
to do in the spirit of VLC, if you dig.  I could have just set up some 
globals and externs and did ff / rewind my own way -- and have it work 
-- but I want to have a hope of maintaining (or having someone else 
maintain) this code a year from now :-)



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