[vlc-devel] vout_DatePicture()

j.zorko at att.net j.zorko at att.net
Wed Sep 10 03:21:08 CEST 2003

Hello, all ...

I'm looking in the code right now for the answer to my question, but if someone else already 
knows, perhaps you'll illuminate me before I find it.  I'm having issues with late pictures -- 
frames that the vout thread is dropping because -- well, they're late.  I'm trying to figure out 
why they are late, so i'm trying to determine how a picture is timestamped.  I've found 
vout_DatePicture(), which is called in a few places (the libmpeg2 codec interface, libmpeg2.c, 
being the most interesting to me I think).

So the issue is this: Once the server VLC does a seek, the TS discontinuity indicator is set, the 
client sees this indicator and does input_EscapeDiscontinuity().  That's about it ... but when the 
server is seeking a lot (ff / rewind), the late-pictures condition happens.  This happens even if 
the server effectively spends no time looking (just seeking to a constant address in the file 
where a known sequence header exists in a known Video PES packet).

If someone can explain how pictures are timestamped (which would illuminate some of this 
code i'm looking at, much of which i've not spent much time in before), that would rock!



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