[vlc-devel] Re: cddax vs cdda plugins

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Thu Dec 9 11:56:55 CET 2004

Sigmund Augdal writes:
 > Which gui module are you using?

(As I thought it was suggested in the first report) the WxWidgets
one. I see however that configure says svlc, wxvlc aliases are created
but both to me look like the WxWidgets interface. Both have the
same problem.

 > Off course it needs to be fixed. That was implicit in what I was saying. 

Okay, great! It's nice to have this made explicit. 

There seems to be a lot of developer things like design decisions and
developer documentation that seem to be implicit. Perhaps the design
issues are discussed on IRC and the doxygen comments I guess are
great, but this doesn't really replace a document that suggests how a
plugin is supposed to be designed and the things that one should be
concerned with, what one has to do to convert from one say from the
0.7.x API to the 0.8.x interface. (But the sense I'm getting is that
in many cases much of this is not really understood anyway.)

 > But
 > we are only that many people with only that much time. Current svn is a
 > _development_ version.

That's why I requested it be fixed for the next release. To be
explicit, I hope that there will some indication on vlc-devel of an
upcoming release so that I have time to get the cddax plugin working
for navigation and seeking at least as good as the non-libcdio cdda
plugin currently does. (Assuming everyone else is lazy too.)

 > > Okay, is there right now a plugin that uses playlist_NodeAddItem and
 > > has the functionality of what a working CDDA plugin in terms of
 > > navigation? 
 > > 
 > > I see the there is "modules/access/directory.c" which uses
 > > playlist_NodeAddItem and I guess that's for file browsing. I just
 > > tried that and it too seems to have the same Navigation brokenness.
 > directory.c is the most relevant example to the cd module, as it to is an
 > access module. 

Okay, so I guess the short answer is: no, really there isn't something
working. As cited above, directory.c is also broken for navigation

 > I did not break anything. 

I'm sorry for wrongfully accusing you. I apologize.

 > I only tried to help you a bit. 

Thanks for the help. Alas, your help seems only to suggest that,
indeed (and it should not be surprising), the recent playlist work is
buggy and/or far from complete. Right now a CDDA plugin is better off
NOT using it (despite your suggestion that the new cddax plugin
"should" use it.)

I started work fixing the libcdio VCD plugin breakage (not caused by
you). But if there are this many problems with a conceptually simpler
model used by the libcdio CDDA plugin which is a result of new
playlist work, then probably the VCD plugin should wait a while until
the dust settles more.

 > I hope future
 > helpful statements will not be met by claims of breaking stuff.

Again I'm sorry for venting my frustration at you the breakage that
presumably others have caused.

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