[vlc-devel] Re: My experience building VLC 0.7.2 from source RPMs on FC2

Gabriel L. Somlo somlo at acns.colostate.edu
Thu Jul 1 17:55:39 CEST 2004

> wtf is graphviz?

Dunno. It's required by libdvbpsi-0.1.3-0.lvn.4.2.src.rpm, though.
And, in turn, it requires tcl and tk, but those come on the FC2

> there is no lirc package for fedora? how lame.

Not that I know for sure, but I suspect it's because of all the kernel
modules supplied with lirc that may or may not compile on 2.6.X

As it is now, lirc is useless to me since I have a hauppauge pvr 250,
and that requires a kernel module to get the remote to work... I had
modified the lirc rpm to build the kernel module on rh9 with
2.4.Something, but since I use FC2 now I have to see about redoing
that :)

> first of all, though mplayer provides the postproc header, it is
> actually part of ffmpeg now. The ffmpeg package needs to be adapted
> (or split) to provide this lib correctly.

So does that mean the mplayer team will stop providing libpostproc and
start using ffmeg's version ? I'm worried about mplayer becoming
mutually exclusive with ffmeg if both try to supply libpostproc... :)

> This is strange, since VLC depends on this functionality quite badly,
> I'm unsure why this problem exists on FC and not elsewhere. Maybe when
> i see the spec later i will see.

Maybe Jason was linking vlc against the new-and-improved ffmeg which
implicitly contained the libpostproc code. When I linked against the
standard ffmpeg (without the libpostproc) I got link errors and needed
to add -lpostproc to the link options. Maybe that explains it...

> Unfortunately in the past the Mozilla headers have proven to be SO
> instable that any oldder plugin is mostly useless after an upgrade, so
> until this all stabilizes, it's not that big a thing.

Don't know for sure if this isn't already the case, but given what you
said above, the vlc package (or its vlc-mozilla subpackage, should
Jason decide to split them out) should depend on mozilla-1.6 then, not
just require mozilla (any mozilla). In the latter case, I could update
mozilla to a newer version and "lose" the plugin instead of getting a
'can't update, the vlc plugin needs the old 1.6' error (which would
then force me to remove the plugin before upgrading, and rebuild the
plugin for the new version.

Anyway. Following some other messages in this thread I revisited the
libcdio/vcdimager thing. Indeed, the spec file supplied with libcdio
0.69 doesn't require vcdimager anymore. The vcdimager had a conflict
between a definition and a declaration of a C function. Both have the
issue of trying to overwrite /usr/share/info/dir, which in FC2 belongs
to the info-4.6-3 package.

The writeup in http://www.cs.colostate.edu/~somlo/vlc/ has been
updated accordingly. BTW, if anyone wants to pack it up and post it
anywhere else, please feel free to copy/fix anything from it. Say I
wrote it if you copy it, so I can brag to any potential future
employers that I can build RPMs :) :) 

Thanks again to all of you guys for all this cool software !


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