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Jean-Paul Saman jean-paul.saman at planet.nl
Fri Mar 19 16:36:19 CET 2004

Rafael Canato Luiz wrote:

>Thanks a lot for your answer! =) Then it goes another....
>After vlc receives the ts packet, vlc demux it in es packets (audio and
>video) and send the es packets to the decoders, right?? After vlc choose
>which module will decode the es video, (libmpeg2 in my case)... How vlc
>transform this ts packets in es packets? Is vlc using libdvbpsi to do
>this transformation? if so, where is the code of this process? All I
>want its to take the es stream to run my decoder... more directly where
>does vlc put the es stream?
The decoder gets the ES packets in the form of so-called PES (packetized 
ES). The demux is in charge of peeling of all layers from a TS into a ES.
With VLC it is also possible to force an demuxer on the commandline, do 
something like this:

$> vlc file/es://my.mpeg

Libdvbpsi is used by the TS-demuxer to check that the stream follows the 
MPEG standards.


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