[vlc-devel] Re: vlc: svn commit r13518 (courmisch)

Jonas A. Larsen jonas at vrt.dk
Mon Dec 5 22:38:11 CET 2005

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> Le Lundi 5 Décembre 2005 12:19, Jonas A. Larsen a écrit :
> > I assume you all are aware of the fact that thje record module is
> > badly broken? As in I haven't managed to use it successfully with any
> > format (tried xvid/avi and mp3)
> By design, the record plugin will only ever work for file formats that
> can be synched in the middle of nowhere. That mostly means MPEG-TS.

Ohhh :( That’s bad news, but I guess it explains why I couldn’t get it
working with any files or streams. I was hoping it simply (as the name
sugests) lets u record whatever vlc is displaying.

> It cannot be made otherwise as an access filter. For a more general
> purpose solution, you have to remultiplex the data stream, which means
> spawning a muxer and an access output, in addition to the usual
> decoder/output chain and is far beyond the idea of the record
> _access_filter_.

Im probably naïve, but isn’t it enough to simply save the data u receive in
a file? Like a sort of raw dump? It might get a few corrupt frames initially
but after the first keyframe it should work for most formats? I seem to
remember a chain to a raw file worked for most formats, couldn’t a module be
made that did something similar?

A "real" record function would really rock in vlc!

In any case thanks for explaining the situation.


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