[vlc-devel] Re: firewire output & fb output

Vaclav Koldus vaclav.koldus at avpark.cz
Sat Jul 30 22:54:40 CEST 2005

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005 09:20:40 +0200, Benjamin Pracht  
<bigben+spam at videolan.org> wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 28, 2005, Vaclav Koldus wrote :
>> Hi people!
>> I'm new here so sorry I know nothing 'bout team working on such a huge
>> project.
>> I'm working on firewire output filter for VLC, cause we need it in our
>> firm (I send it into D/A convertor and then into TV or Broadcasting  
>> device
>> but it's not important.)
>> I could post it or add it into VLC or something if I knew how to do it  
>> and
>> if I knew how to make a new filter from scratch. At this time the plugin
>> is working well, but I made it as a part of logo filter ( because I  
>> wanted
>> to be able to see the video on the monitor besides the firewire output )
>> but I would want to write standalone firewire filter so I can us it just
>> this way:
>> Video -> Logo Filter -> text rendering filter -> Firewire filter ->  
>> output
>> pls can you lead me how to do it??
> Well, I guess a stream output access_out module would be the most
> consistent way to do that (have a look the display access output, in
> modules/access_out to see how to build an access out and get the decoded
> streams)

Ok, I'll have a look. Thanks.

>> BTW: the text rendering filter is another thing I'm working on. It  
>> renders
>> aligned word wrapped text and color blended boxes on the output natively
>> in YUV so I don't have to convert screen to rgb and then back in the
>> filter. This I want to have also as standalone filter. So pls help howto
>> start filter from scratch ?
>> My second question is about framebuffer output filter.
>> I suppose this filter has been untouched for a long time :)
>> There is a bug in my version (some release of 0.8.2)
>> I don't know who thought that something like this can work:
>> v_out->something->i_tty=0;
>> .
>> .
>> .
>> ioctl(v_out->something->i_tty,...,..)
>> but it don't work for me.
>> What we need is naturaly
>> v_out->something->i_tty = open("/dev/tty0",..);
>> and this works. At least somehow.
>> Problem is that the fb output is awfully slow! Why the hell? I want to  
>> use
>> it
>> but with this framerate I simply can't!
> Well, some frame buffer device drivers (such as the vesa one) are  
> actually
> awfully slow... Which one are you using ? Do you get the same issue with
> other applications ?

Actualy I use the generic (vga?) fb driver and the strange thing is that  
mplayer on the same fb has no similar problems. It rund perfectly smooth.  
I tried to lower the resolution of fb (since the vlc resizes the video on  
the full screen and it was 1024x768) and it quietly helped (I'm not sure  
whether the framerate is full or there are some dropped frames.) But this  
sucks. I want to have 1024x768 console and monitor the video in not scaled  
pal! Great thing in MPlayer. If the output would be similar (smooth and  
left top aligned) I could watch the video and use the VLC console at the  
same time, which would be perfect! Any ideas how to do it? At least some  
easy tips how to turn off  that scaling in the code??


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