[vlc-devel] Re: [patch] Fixed source aspect ratio calculation

Marian Durkovic md at bts.sk
Tue Oct 18 09:44:51 CEST 2005

On Mon, Oct 17, 2005 at 09:49:58PM +0200, Derk-Jan Hartman wrote:
> The patches work for me on Mac OSX btw. If anyone could test directX  
> and X11/Xvideo then they can be applied

Thanks for testing on Mac - I don't have such box. I've commited the changes,
since I was developing & testing them on both Unix and Windows.

> I think the rest of your patches is ok, just not this particular  
> piece. It's an encoder problem, and this hack is way to ugly.
> Instead, euro1080 should be informed of the issue. It's probably a  
> incorrect setting in their encoder. I believe they use Tandberg  
> encoders.

Well, I've sent several emails to euro1080 - first on 8-th October 2004,
last on 13-th October 2005. No aswer at all... I'd suspect they know the
issue but don't bother to fix it (or the fix requires e.g. expensive
hw/sw upgrade).

It's not just euro1080 - Astra HDTV demo is the same problem, and if you
look around the net, approx 25 % of HDTV content has this problem. Files 
grabbed from US HDTV channels as well.

The worst thing is that HD STBs display such broken streams correctly -
either they have 1080 hardcoded in firmware or their video outputs are
hardware limited to 1080 lines and ignore the rest by default. Thus the
broadcasters don't care.

This IMHO means, that VLC needs to immplement 1088->1080 fix, otherwise
the users will still complain about HDTV greyline bug on considerable amount
of HDTV content (claiming their STB played it fine so there must be a "bug"
in VLC). The problem is so widespread, that it's not possible to ignore it,
and if the situation changes in the future there's nothing easier than to
remove this ugly fix.

So please reconsider it one more time, and if you don't have strong
objections I'll commit the 1088->1080 fix under my SVN account - and will 
hold myself responsible for complaints regarding its uglyness...

	WIth kind regards,


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