[vlc-devel] Fwd: ActiveX and Mozilla Control questions

Michael Ditum mike at mikeditum.co.uk
Tue Apr 18 13:43:58 CEST 2006


I sent this email to the standard vlc mailing list almost 2 weeks ago but
didn't get a reply so was wondering if you guys knew the answers?

I'm trying to use the VLC browser plugin to view some streaming TV channels
we have on our network. I've managed to get it working under Mozilla Firefox
but I am having trouble using it under I.E.

I have installed the vlc-0.8.5-test2-win32.exe from the videolan.org website
and selected firefox plugin and activex plugin. The page I've got (which
looks like the example one in the documentation) works fine under firefox.
However in Internet Explorer the plugin just gives the red cross icon saying
it cannot load the plugin. Looking under "Managed Add-ons" I cannot see
anything VLC related.

Is there an extra step I should be taking to get the plugin working under

I also have a couple of questions regarding the mozilla control...

   1. Is there anyway of being informed of mouse movement events? I've
   tried document.screen.onmousemove = mouseMoved; and mouseMoved seems
   to be called straight away but never again. I've also tried
   window.onmousemove and document.onmousemove and neither of these raise
   events when I'm over the VLC Control.
   2. Is it possible to draw on top of the video window? I've tried
   setting the z-index of the control and having a div layer with a higher
   z-index but that doesn't work.
   3. Is there any way of enabling and disabling subtitles for the

Thanks for you time and help

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