[vlc-devel] Re: VLC on Windows, direct3d video output error: Failed to create picture surface.

Joerg vlc-ml at aab.noctis.de
Mon Aug 28 15:35:38 CEST 2006

> Obviously, video memory is a shared resource, so the behavior would depend on 
> what else is running on your machine.
Nothing that requires extensive use of graphics resources. Just a plain 
Windows XP (with standard Luna active), although some (non-graphical) 
applications are running (such as the Windows Explorer, no Internet 
Explorer though).

* Forcing "DirectX 3D video output" briefly flashes a black window, 
resulting in the error message sent in my first mail. This time it was 

* Sticking with auto detect or forcing the "DirectX video output" shows a 
persisting black window (no other debug output except for a single
> [00000298] main video output error: picture 080C0050 refcount is -1
with one of the test videos. It results however in a crash after stopping 
playback or a crash right away when starting to play:

> Die Anweisung in "0x7c910f29" verweist auf Speicher in "0x030b0185".
> Der Vorgang "read" konnte nicht auf dem Speicher durchgeführt werden.
(Sorry, German Windows. Roughly translates to "access violation while 
trying to read from memory address "0x030b0185", instruction 

Unfortunately both addresses vary from crash to crash and so does the time 
of the crash itself. Sometimes I am able to play a file multiple times 
(with no video output), sometimes not even a single time. Sometimes the 
crash occurs at the start of playback, sometimes at the end (or 
pressing "stop").

* "Open GL" is awfully slow (about 2 fps) but works without other 

* "Color ASCII art video output" works fine but is of no real use to me 
(it's fun though).

* "Windows GDI video output" works so far but shows strange patterns [1] 
in the image when the video is scaled *down*. Original size and upscaling 
[2] work fine though. This happens with any video size and all codecs I 
was able to try (MPEG1, XVID, WindowsMediaVideoV7 (WMV16)) when scaling 

[1] http://tmp.noctis.de/vlc/2006-08-28-gdi-patterns-downscale.jpg (63k)
[2] http://tmp.noctis.de/vlc/2006-08-28-gdi-patterns-noscale.jpg (40k)
(I scaled [2] down for smaller file size, original image is 720x576.)

I hope this is of some help, it's not a "problem" report I'm happy to 
give, but unfortunately the best I can do without guidance what 
information might be useful to solve it (please don't say "any" ;) )


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