[vlc-devel] Re: VLC on Windows, direct3d video output error: Failed to create picture surface.

Jean-Paul Saman jean-paul.saman at planet.nl
Mon Aug 28 15:47:45 CEST 2006

Did you already run vlc with: vlc --reset-config --save-config vlc:quit
to rule out a wrong configuration setting.

Jean-Paul saman.

Joerg wrote:
>> Obviously, video memory is a shared resource, so the behavior would 
>> depend on what else is running on your machine.
> Nothing that requires extensive use of graphics resources. Just a plain 
> Windows XP (with standard Luna active), although some (non-graphical) 
> applications are running (such as the Windows Explorer, no Internet 
> Explorer though).
> * Forcing "DirectX 3D video output" briefly flashes a black window, 
> resulting in the error message sent in my first mail. This time it was 
> hr=0x8876086c.
> * Sticking with auto detect or forcing the "DirectX video output" shows 
> a persisting black window (no other debug output except for a single
>> [00000298] main video output error: picture 080C0050 refcount is -1
> with one of the test videos. It results however in a crash after 
> stopping playback or a crash right away when starting to play:
>> Die Anweisung in "0x7c910f29" verweist auf Speicher in "0x030b0185".
>> Der Vorgang "read" konnte nicht auf dem Speicher durchgeführt werden.
> (Sorry, German Windows. Roughly translates to "access violation while 
> trying to read from memory address "0x030b0185", instruction "0x7c910f29".)
> Unfortunately both addresses vary from crash to crash and so does the 
> time of the crash itself. Sometimes I am able to play a file multiple 
> times (with no video output), sometimes not even a single time. 
> Sometimes the crash occurs at the start of playback, sometimes at the 
> end (or pressing "stop").
> * "Open GL" is awfully slow (about 2 fps) but works without other problems.
> * "Color ASCII art video output" works fine but is of no real use to me 
> (it's fun though).
> * "Windows GDI video output" works so far but shows strange patterns [1] 
> in the image when the video is scaled *down*. Original size and 
> upscaling [2] work fine though. This happens with any video size and all 
> codecs I was able to try (MPEG1, XVID, WindowsMediaVideoV7 (WMV16)) when 
> scaling down.
> [1] http://tmp.noctis.de/vlc/2006-08-28-gdi-patterns-downscale.jpg (63k)
> [2] http://tmp.noctis.de/vlc/2006-08-28-gdi-patterns-noscale.jpg (40k)
> (I scaled [2] down for smaller file size, original image is 720x576.)
> I hope this is of some help, it's not a "problem" report I'm happy to 
> give, but unfortunately the best I can do without guidance what 
> information might be useful to solve it (please don't say "any" ;) )
> Regards,
> Jörg

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