[vlc-devel] Re: Video encryption/decryption using VLC

Edward Wong furrbie at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 1 10:36:02 CET 2006


Thanks for the reply.

>Wouldn't it be easier to put encryption at the transport layer (access
>in VLC's speak) rather than on the file?

Well, my original plan was to append a header (in plain) to the file after 
it was encrypted. The header would contain a encrypted key that can be used 
decrypt the rest of the file.

I am not too sure how I could accomplish this (sending of the key to the 
client) if the encryption was done at the transport layer.

However, encrypting at the transport layer would seem to be neater solution 
and I could probably arrange for the key to be transmitted through a 
separate channel.

>Besides, it's not clear to me whether you will encrypt the file
>separately for each client, or whether they will be pre-encrypted with a
>per-file symmetric key that would then be transmitted to appropriate
>clients separately.

All clients will receive the same file encrypted with a master key. The 
master key will be encrypted using each of the client's unique personal key. 
Thus, if we have n clients, we will have n encrypted keys. The keys are then 
sent to the clients who will select their own key and use it to decrypt the 


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