[vlc-devel] Re: Testing XvMC (well trying to)

Christophe Burgalat c.burgalat at broadcastavenue.com
Mon Nov 20 08:59:00 CET 2006


The code for xvmc in the svn was originally developed on the 0.7.2 vlc 
version. I'm currently trying to make it work on the vlc svn version.
I didn't find any XvMC documentation. The vlc code is based on the xvmc xine 
plugin code. I've tried to adapt it for vlc with difficulties. You can get 
some more information on the xvmc xine plugin on http://www.openchrome.org


Le samedi 18 novembre 2006 16:41, Ron a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm wanting to test the newly committed XvMC support. Whilst trying to get
> it to compile I've fixed a couple of typos, but there seem to be some
> missing data structure definitions...
> To be honest: my C is pretty rusty, the code base is large and I can't test
> it until I can get it to compile. If anybody is interested I can post a
> patch to get it to compile more (ie. it bails out with an error later), but
> TBH again my enthusiasm to get it working is greater than my understanding
> of how it should work and how it all fits together. If anybody would like
> to point to any XvMC documentation I'll go away and have a read.
> Cheers
> Ron

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