[vlc-devel] Re: Translations for VLC 0.8.6

Marian Durkovic md at bts.sk
Tue Oct 31 17:58:08 CET 2006


> can you confirm you windows uses slovak language and slovak keyboard ?

Yes. And it is properly detected by VLC, since when it is left in "Automatic"
language selection, it correctly uses slovak localization.

> also could you say what is exactly the problem:
> -strings that contain special characters are missing,

Yes, such strings are fully absent. For example in File menu, there is
only the first item and the last two items, the 5 items in the middle
are completely missing (no single character). What I can tell is
that if a string contains non 8859-1 character, it causes the
whole string to disappear. 

Open  is translated into Slovak as   Otvorit'

the last letter  t'  is not present in 8859-1 codepage - thus all
items "Open file", "Open Directory" "Open disc", "Open Network Stream"
are translated as "Otvorit' ...." and as such all missing. The same 
happens with other non 8859-1 characters.

If I manually select any other language requiring Central European 
8859-2 / Windows1250 codepage, exactly the same happens (Czech, Hungarian,
Slovenian, ...) On the other hand, translations which are based on western
8859-1 codepage work fine (German, French, Italian, ...).

> Do you know if other people from the slovak community tested
> 0.8.6-test1, and report if it worked or not for them, with windows
> version, language settings, and keyboard settings ?

We have tested on 3 different machines in our computing centre -  but all 
those are running WinXP SP2. Exactly the same problem on all.

Just a qeustion - isn't it for example necessary to tell wxwidgets to 
enable/switch codepage to CE before such strings can be used?

    Thanks & kind regards,


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