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Rémi Denis-Courmont rem at videolan.org
Sat Apr 28 21:08:27 CEST 2007

Le vendredi 27 avril 2007, alx a écrit :
> Thx for your answer. Yes i meant the Session Initiation Protocol, i
> will try to implement it as an interface module. But there is another
> issue, how can i make a way to let the user decide graphically his
> preferences ?

The simplest way is to use LibVLC configuration/variables, so the user 
can configure whatever is needed (sip: URI and password I suppose) from 
the existing preferences dialogs.

> I mean, i added a notebook in the open dialogs but clicking on OK make
> vlc look for an access2 module. Anyway to get 
> through this?

To enable the SIP plugin from the GUI, the easiest method might to 
declare it as a service discovery plugin rather than an interface, but 
unless you provide presence information or any kind of buddy list, it 
will very unintuitive.

That's the kind of problem that can be expected from using a media 
player as a phone/conferencing software.

> I didnt really understand the two last sentences though. Do i need to
> spawn demuxer in the run() function, do i need to call vlc_object_*
> routine?

There are many ways to spawn a demuxer. Creating a VLM input is one 
method, using playlist is the most common method, and then 
stream_DemuxNew() can be used to programmatically feed a demux with 

But one of the tricky issue will be to link the demuxer and the muxer, 
if only to share the RTP/UDP sockets (I assume you want to do symmetric 

Rémi Denis-Courmont
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