[vlc-devel] VLC - Translations - NSIS

Christophe Mutricy xtophe at nxtelevision.com
Fri Jul 20 22:26:13 CEST 2007

>    The NSIS Installer from pidgin.im do that. Have a look on:
>    http://developer.pidgin.im/viewmtn/revision/browse/71b70ba846155d2051b00743026d8ab5b3a84a14/pidgin/win32/nsis/
>    You have a translations folder for each file with the additional strings.
>    We can write a small file for some languages
>    and translate these few strings. But i don't know if it is needed.
>    Or try to find a way to integrate it to NSIS. Or modify NSIS for the VLC
>    installer.

That seems interresting. i'll see what i can do to reuse that.

>    Other topic:
>    I currently translating the 0.8.6d version. I noticed some differences
>    between the new 0.9.0 - some text is missing.
>    The launchpad.net version is the 0.9.0 so i can't update my 0.8.6d po
>    file. Is there a way to sync that?
>    I got some corrections from polish testers (thanks!) and i already update
>    my 0.8.6d.
It is normal that brach and trunk to have the same strings.

you can take the pot file from
>    Is it possible to put it also to 0.9.0? Or backport the new launchpad.net
>    entries to 0.8.6d?

>    I will send my new pl.po file to xtophe in the next days. And please
>    activate the polish language in
>    the 0.8.6d installer. Your nightly build still hasn't the polish lang in
>    the branch EXE! (vlc.win32.nsi)

We don't really care about 0.8.6d. we're concetrating on 0.9.0

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