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HiThanks to Xtpohe for updating the maintainer page!> > To the fourth screenshot: Yes, you have truth, some strings are still> > not translated, because they are imported from vlc.win32.nsi. And this> > is just a problem.> > Xtophe reminiscenced some "own" strings, (the strings, there are only> > by vlc installer filled up) and now I know already, what he meant. In> > my opinion could be> > this problem solved by some programmer. What do you think about this > > opinion?> > If the solution doesn't exist already in NSIS, it's more a nsis> developer we will need.If you want translated text, you must use strings that are also in the NSIS language files.Otherwise you must write a separate file for every language with the missing strings.The NSIS Installer from pidgin.im do that. Have a look on:http://developer.pidgin.im/viewmtn/revision/browse/71b70ba846155d2051b00743026d8ab5b3a84a14/pidgin/win32/nsis/You have a translations folder for each file with the additional strings. We can write a small file for some languagesand translate these few strings. But i don't know if it is needed.Or try to find a way to integrate it to NSIS. Or modify NSIS for the VLC installer.Its possible. we will see what the other users think about it.Other topic:I currently translating the 0.8.6d version. I noticed some differences between the new 0.9.0 - some text is missing.The launchpad.net version is the 0.9.0 so i can't update my 0.8.6d po file. Is there a way to sync that?I got some corrections from polish testers (thanks!) and i already update my 0.8.6d.Is it possible to put it also to 0.9.0? Or backport the new launchpad.net entries to 0.8.6d?I will send my new pl.po file to xtophe in the next days. And please activate the polish language inthe 0.8.6d installer. Your nightly build still hasn't the polish lang in the branch EXE! (vlc.win32.nsi)Good nightMT
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