[vlc-devel] Re: Google SoC

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Thu Mar 1 10:44:33 CET 2007


> UPnP server output

> D-Bus control interface
Almost finish by funman and Mr_Mirshal, ain't it ?

> RTSP/1.1 server
> HTTP/RTSP server scalability (if it is still bad, which I have not
> checked)
ok. this is still chinese to me ;-0

> .Net bindings
the .Net interface on the wiki works pretty well. Odysee and Tappen have done a great job there. Do we need another one ?

> Event polling without arbitrary (CPU waking up) timers
A bit boring for SoC ?

> X11/Gtk/something interface for small screens
I like the something ;D

> I am suspicious about these ones:
> I do not know what VLC does with subtitles, but I had a feeling most of
> the
> stuff there is already mostly implemented. SoC is a two (or is it three?)
> months job...
Well, it lacks a lots of things, sorry to say it. And this is still of the main reasons ppl choose MPC over VLC under Windows...

> AFAIK RTCP client is already done by Live555. RTCP server is already
> mostly done. 
OK. It was still in Mini Projects, so I was just wandering. Again, RTCP/RTSP/RTP/RTHHHTCP/RTFGDDFDFFDP is chinese to me :D

> Other stuff looks OK, but I think you will need more details to have
> any chance of Google merely answering our query (they did not even bother
> to send a negative answer last year).
You are right. But trying does not cost so much. But we are in a hurry :D


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