[vlc-devel] Enhancement Request...

Filippo Carone filippo at carone.org
Fri Apr 4 15:12:17 CEST 2008

Tony Anecito ha scritto:
> I am hoping this new quirk by Sun does not break the
> new jna model developed by the jvlc team.
> Regards,
> -Tony
Hi Tony,
I don't think JNA will be broken by those changes, since it relies on 
the loadLibrary mechanism, which in turn works if the LD_LIBRARY_PATH 
(on linux) or PATH (on windows) are setup correctly. I do understand 
there are issues with deployment done through web start, but those go 
beyond the current JVLC scope. Of course, as you are already facing the 
problem, share the solution with us ;).


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