[vlc-devel] some DVD issues

Cristian Secară orice at secarica.ro
Thu Aug 28 09:46:29 CEST 2008

On Thu, 28 Aug 2008 00:50:50 +0200, Derk-Jan Hartman wrote:

> > 3. I happen to have a DVD [...] where it is almost impossible to
> > click the four menu items. [...] I agree that the circles are
> > relatively small, but anyway ...
> Yeah, some DVDs have this, it's not something that we can solve as
> far as I'm aware. It has to do with how the menus are designed.
> (remember that you usually use a remote with a DVD).

Well, playing a DVD on the home unit happens almost always with remote,
while playing a DVD on PC happens almost never with remote.

The popular software DVD players like PowerDVD or WinDVD are showing
correctly those menus, so a solution exists somehow.
(popular software = because usually they are bundled with
purchased hardware)

> > 4. I have a Microsoft Presenter Mouse that has a few dedicated
> > media buttons: volume up/down, previous/next (chapter), play/pause.
> > [...] With VLC none is working.
> patches welcome. No windows developers, means no windows features.

Found a workaround for this, thanks to Kaarlo Räihä - see my other post
a minute ago in response to him.

> Hmm, I have not experienced something like this, but I guess when  
> DVDCSS fails, something like this can happen. Hard to reproduce of  
> course since once you set a region, you are stuck.....

I will try to make more tests with new hardware, I think I have this
possibility slowly in time.


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