[vlc-devel] The word File

Daniel Nylander info at danielnylander.se
Tue Feb 26 20:40:14 CET 2008

Ah, ok. So "File" is a data file (Fil) and "1:File" is the menu label
(Arkiv)? I looked at the German translation (mein Deutsch ist ganz
schlecht) and you used Datei and Ablage.


tis 2008-02-26 klockan 20:13 +0100 skrev Felix Paul Kühne:
> Yep, in English, "File" is always file meaning both the thingie  
> containing data on your disk as well as the label on the first menu.  
> However, on the German localisation for OSX, we are using a different  
> word for the "file"-menu, which is why there is also the "1:File"  
> i18n string. If you need this for Swedish too, feel free to translate  
> it and the QT4 will probably add this little feature to their port,  
> as well.

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