[vlc-devel] patch preview for multiproto support

Rafaël Carré funman at videolan.org
Mon Jun 9 22:39:09 CEST 2008

2008/6/9 Claudio Luck <cluck at ethz.ch>:
> Hi all


> attached is a first version of a patch for Multiproto support in VLC
> (74K compressed) .

I don't know dvb at all, but I can give you a few hints:

+#include <linux/dvb/version.h>

Believe it or not there is systems other than Linux which have dvb
support, and not every Linux comes with its headers ;)
You should check for the presence of this header in configure.ac, or
maybe put it and the dependant code in linux_dvb.c if possible
Or maybe check for the presence in configure.ac, and accordingly add
or not -DDVB_HYBRID_API to the dvb module (looks like the best way)

-        if ( p_sys->i_frontend_timeout && mdate() > p_sys->i_frontend_timeout )
+        if ( p_sys->i_frontend_timeout && ( mdate() >
p_sys->i_frontend_timeout ) )

Why ? It was fine before.

After that the patch goes too complex for me ...

> This patch adds --dvb-hybrid=[0=old_api, 1=new_api, 2=auto]. The default
> is --dvb-hybrid=0 which shall make VLC behave as without the patch.
> Anything different is a bug in my code. And there _are_ still bugs.
> The patched VLC should compile against both vanilla kernel and a
> multiproto-patched kernel (http://jusst.de/hg/multiproto).
> In the latter case VLC shall be able to switch the new and traditional
> API at runtime. I use
>> CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/local/src/multiproto/linux/include" ./configure
> to make it see the multiproto API.
> I've the following hardware to test the code:
>  - KNC1 DVB-S2
>  - Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVB-S
>  - one CI/CAM Module for both (and many troubles with it)
> Examples:
>  * `vlc dvb-s:// --dvb-hybrid=2` tunes DVB-S with multiproto API
>  * `vlc dvb-s2:// --dvb-hybrid=2` tunes DVB-S2 with multiproto API
>  * `vlc dvb-s:// --dvb-hybrid=0` tunes DVB-S with traditional API
>  * `vlc satellite:// --dvb-hybrid=2` is expected to cycle all available
> deliveries (does not work correctly yet)
> Tests and Patches are welcome, specially with non-DVB-S/S2 cards and on
> the backwards compatibility of the code. Also, if someone has a
> DVBFE_DELSYS_DUMMY compliant card, let me know ;)
> Moreover I didn't work on the HTTP Interface side so it is not yet aware
> of the new API.
> --
> Best Regards
> Claudio Luck
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Rafaël Carré

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