[vlc-devel] commit: Do not ignore teletext initial page (close #1997). (Laurent Aimar )

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Mon Sep 8 19:01:56 CEST 2008

On 8 sep 2008, at 17:43, Marian Ďurkovič wrote:
>> I have backported some of the relevant stuff.
>> The simple telx decoder is disabled by default. I guess we should see
>> if we can enable it when zvbi is not present.
> Thanks, telx now works (on Linux without zvbi). Could not test on  
> Win32
> since the branch nightly builder seems to be hung.

> BTW, *with* zvbi, we're getting wrong encoding for the 13 characters  
> in
> national subsets, even though the debug correctly says:
> * es pid=1842 type=6 dr->i_tag=0x56
> * EBU Teletext descriptor
> * ttxt lan=slo page=100
> or
> * es pid=40 type=6 dr->i_tag=0x56
> * EBU Teletext descriptor
> * ttxt lan=cze page=100
> The characters displayed are the western ones. With the simple telx  
> decoder,
> this works fine. Is this some bug in zvbi or VLC does not pass info  
> about
> teletext language to zvbi properly?

This information should be passed in the teletext stream itself. The  
language as described in the descriptor should not affect it as far as  
I know.

     if( p_sys->b_text )
         unsigned int i_textsize = 7000;
         int i_total;
         char p_text[i_textsize+1];

         i_total = vbi_print_page_region( &p_page, p_text, i_textsize,
                         "UTF-8", 0, 0, 0, 0, p_page.columns,  
p_page.rows );
         p_text[i_total] = '\0';
         /* Strip off the pagenumber */
         if( i_total <= 40 )
             goto error;
         p_spu->p_region->psz_text = strdup( &p_text[8] );

And it seems to be requesting utf-8 from zvbi...
Perhaps we don't set that in the track information, but I think that  
should be automatic.
Do you have a sample for me to test with ?


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