[vlc-devel] 64bit nightly builds for Mac OS X

Bernie Purcell Bernie.Purcell at opentv.com
Mon Aug 3 01:45:10 CEST 2009

Hi Felix,

I submitted a patch a little while ago that upgraded quartztext to 
CoreText and should fix the second of the issues you mention below. It 
didn't centralise the common code (with freetype) in a separate header 
file, as Fenrir pointed out, but neither, I think does the current 
quartztext module. Updating to CoreText allowed me to simplify a lot of 
the parameter passing, so a number of functions actually have less 
similarity to the freetype ones now, though, anyway.
I can't realistically support vlc any more, and haven't been able to for 
some time. With all your work for a 64bit port I felt responsible for 
having written one of the most 32-bit biased modules in the code, 
quartztext and thought I should at least update it.
I can understand and accept if there are reasons for not wanting to use 
the new module, or not finding the code up to scratch. I'm only 
mentioning it in case you hadn't been aware of the original mail, which 
got stuck on my outgoing mail server for a few days and then came 
through to the list a few days in the past. DJ did take a brief look at 
it at the time and said it worked for him, but his and Fenrir's were the 
only comments it generated.


On 02/08/09 00:12, Felix Paul K??hne wrote:
> Hello guys,
> starting today, we'll provide nightly builds for the x86_64 platform 
> running Mac OS X. These builds require Mac OS X 10.5 or later and a 
> Core2 CPU or better. They are based upon the 1.0-bugfix branch right 
> now. There are no builds of the master branch yet.
> There are a few limitations:
> - no support for goom or SDL*
> - text rendering through freetype instead of ATSU/quartztext. The 
> settings in the simple prefs fall back to freetype automagically.
> - no theora support (will be fixed until 1.0.2)
> The frequent crashes on Leopard when unloading modules will 
> (hopefully) fixed tonight.
> Please test the builds and report back any issue you may encounter, 
> which is _not_ mentioned above.
> Best regards,
> Felix
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