[vlc-devel] Help Please (mjpeg decode problem)

Mark Maestas maestas at aplabs.com
Wed Feb 4 21:00:57 CET 2009

Hi VideoLan developers,  I am working on a project that involves using
VLC to demonstrate the functionality of a proprietary video
encoder/server.  The server uses hardware encoding of RGB and NTSC
inputs and streams them out to another proprietary player running under
windows using the Pegasus decoder.  

This new customer wants this to work with Linux and VLC.  The good news
is that VLC plays both the mjpeg streams well, however the RGB stream
plays with incorrect colors.  I have been working to resolve this
through adjusting our JPEG header on this image and I have had no luck.
The windows player has correct color.  VLC is using the ffmpeg library
to decode the stream and I now have built both VLC and FFMPEG and I can
make code changes to try and fix the color problem, however nothing that
I have tried has worked.  

I am hoping one of the smart VLC developers would be able to help me
look into fixing this issue, which probably resides in the FFMPEG lib. I
can provide a sample .avi file that I made with ffmpeg for testing
purposes if someone is willing to help look into this.  

I think this is a good opportunity to advance the player and I am
willing and able to help as much as possible.  

If anyone has an interest in fixing the decode of this RGB mjpeg stream
I would be glad to know.




Mark Maestas


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