[vlc-devel] Compile vlc with gcc 4.2.1 sjlj (mingw32-2)

Kaarlo Räihä agent_007 at luukku.com
Sat Jan 17 12:57:31 CET 2009

You followed http://mailman.videolan.org/pipermail/vlc-devel/2008-November/052943.html 
that MSYS guide?

Son Tran kirjoitti 17.01.2009 kello 12:33:
> Dear all,
> I already compiled vlc (and my own plugin module) with cygwin thanks
>  to your
> documentation on the Videolan website. The resulting vlc is based on gcc
> 3.4.4 (cygming special). It may be the reason that when I simply put the
> plugin into the directory "plugins" of the vlc released on the
>  website of
> videolan (the latter is based on gcc 4.2.1 sjlj (mingw32-2) ) , it
>  cannot be
> loaded as in the case of the VLC compiled by myself.
> -My question is how I can compile VLC having the same underlying gcc
>  as the
> one in your released VLC (for windows platform).
> 1-I tried with your tutor on compiling VLC with Msys+Mingw. I am
>  sure that
> the tutor is quite out of date. For instance, among these others,
>  you wrote
> that one should install MingW.5.0.3.exe. It exists  now MingW 5.1.4.
>  Does it
> change something if I use this version (The procedure with the
>  previous one
> does not work for me :-) ).  Anyway, also in your website, you said that
> compiling with msys+mingw is not recommended?
> 2-I did try to update the gcc of cygwin to 4.2.1. Then I try to
>  compile gcc
> 4.2.1 for target i686-pc-mingw32. But it doesnot pass.
>  3-I try to update the gcc of cygwin to 4.2.1. Then I try to compile
>  mingw
> using the auto compile script for the website of mingw. But it
>  doesnot pass
> either.
> 4-I try to update the gcc of cygwin to 4.2.1. Then I try to copy the
> precompiled mingw for gcc 4.2.1 sjlj from the website of mingw to
>  the system
> directory of cygwin . But the compiling VLC gets stuck even at the phase
> configure.
> 5-I try the same procedure mentioned in 2 and 3 above but for the
>  platform
> linux, the compilation does not pass.
> Of course I should give you more details on the errors  I got for each
> compilation case mentioned above. But with this first mail, I would
>  like to
> know among a lot of possiblities I tried above which direction I should
> concentrate in. And in that direction which link I could use as a
> good depart point for compiling vlc.
> Thank you for your help
> have a nice weekend, and do not forget to answer me :-)
> Sincerely
> Son TRAN

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