[vlc-devel] WARNING: VLC is being sold without permission!!

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Thu Jul 16 12:53:05 CEST 2009

On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 07:26:18PM +1000, xxcv wrote :
> Danny wrote:
>> Blabla

Could you people stop being completly stupid?
Sorry, but you push everything too far.

First, could you stop thinking that you are the only ones that have a
brain around here? Some of you are very good coders, but as soon as you
get out of coding, you stop thinking...

OF course, we have looked at those issues... What do you think?
That we are stupid?

First, they have the right to resell VLC (see eBay issue). And they more
or less comply to the GPL.
Then, they usually don't provide the source on their websites.
Then, they are delibaretly confusing the users.
Finally, they have usually extra licenses, incompatible with the GPL.

So, now what?
I mean, what?
After blablating about it, now WHAT are YOU going to do to fix this?

Those websites, are usually held by companies, in Florida, Mexico,
Delaware or small caribean islands.
They DON'T answer to mail. They DON'T give the source, because they
DON'T answer to mail.

Try that one http://www.vlc-mediaplayer.com/, read
http://www.vlc-mediaplayer.com/Termes-et-conditions.htm and
http://www.vlc-mediaplayer.com/Politique-du-Secret.htm, who is just a
translation of Google Confidential policy...

Try this one http://www.2009fr.com/cgu.html

Try a whois on them, try to have an answer to any of your mails...
Then, speak up. and then, sue, if you find someone to sue.

The only one who can actually do something against those websites are 
- The registars, ahhahahahahh, ok that was funny.
- Google, by refusing those adwords... Yeah, that is going to happen...
- Us, by having a registered certificate during the windows Installer.
  500€, but people ignore the security warnings (of course, VLC has no
  such certificate so far, and it works fine...)
- Us, by trying again and again to shutdown those websites.
- Us, by providing at least ONE translated page in some languages.

Best Regards,

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

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