[vlc-devel] Qt media browser (playlist selector) reorganisation

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Fri Nov 6 15:36:47 CET 2009

> 2.There is specific SDs which have configurable "entry points" (for
> example Podcast SD - the entry points are user configurable podcast
> feeds).
> - In this case there should be a media browser category which has
> right next to its name a "+" button which spawns a dialog for user to
> configure and add a new "entry point"
> - the configurable entry points spawn as the children of that
> category. They have right next to them a "-" button which removes the
> entry point.

How does the Podcast SD work, and what are those add/remove entry

> 2. Are UPnP, MTP, Bonjour and similar necessarily separate categories?
> I don't have resources to test what they really do (none of my devices
> spawns from those SDs), but I think they denote rather a method of
> inquiry for media item places, not distinct types of media item places
> which user should ever need to know about. So I propose to abstract
> from those modules and put all the items they spawn together under one
> category ("Devices" or similar). Does that make sense?

Could someone list the available SD modules, and what they discover
exactly? I know that Shoutcast and SAP output URI listings... I don't
know what UPnP, MTP and Bonjour give. The udev SD can list capture
devices, that may require additional configuration too (e.g. input port
or channel selection).

Pierre Ynard
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