[vlc-devel] Qt media browser (playlist selector) reorganisation

Jakob Leben jakob.leben at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 13:36:03 CET 2009

 I feel like I need to make a recap about the core issues that i'm more
concerned right now:

1. Notifications: I'd leave it at having a single event manager per SD

2. Per-node fetching of children: I mean introducing novelties into SD core
API, basically starting with this:

struct services_discovery_item_t
   bool b_fetched;
   int i_children;
   struct services_discovery_item_t** pp_children;
   // ...

services_discovery_FetchChildren( services_discovery_item_t *p_parent );

In response to which a module issues item(s)-added event(s), when it has
filled the p_parent with children. It uses the same events for notifications
originating from monitoring it's service source. Generically: the event is
issued anytime the pp_children array changes after the first fetch request
for that node has been issued.

As long as a set of tree hierarchy has been fetched, it's navigatable simply
by examining i_children and pp_children fields, provided that the SD
instance's lock is held.
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