[vlc-devel] commit: Removed useless fb-chroma option. (Laurent Aimar )

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Mon Sep 28 13:05:58 CEST 2009

On Mon, 28 Sep 2009 12:15:05 +0200, Rafaël Carré <rafael.carre at gmail.com>
> It's useful on TI Davinci dm6446 device which has 4 different
> framebuffers with different image formats (2 * UYVY, 1 * RV16, 1 custom)
> There's no way to know the image format from the linux fb API, so you
> have to specify it (with --fb-chroma)

I don't know about DaVinci, but OMAP has extended the Linux FrameBuffer API
to support multiple chromas. Can't it be detected (in platform-specific
ways) on DaVinci too? instead of relying on the user to know the

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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