[vlc-devel] DLNA Server Module Placement

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Tue Jul 20 22:34:27 CEST 2010


On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 01:05:25PM -0500, Austin Burrow wrote :
> I have been working on the DLNA UPnP Server module, but I have run into some
> issues on where exactly I should place it. I currently have it in
> stream_out, but the module does more than stream. The module will broadcast
> itself periodically over the network, so DLNA clients will be able to see
> the server. The DLNA server module will also serve the available playlist to
> the DLNA client over the network using a DLNA UPnP protocol (not HTTP). Once
> the playlist is served, the client may request items to be streamed, which
> is where stream_out comes in. So my question to the community is this:
> Should I split this up into multiple modules? If so, where shall I place
> them?

Are they logically independant?

Best Regards,

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

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