[vlc-devel] Asking for the guidance of GSOC projects

Sachindra Dilhara sachindragh at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 08:23:59 CET 2010

Hello everyone,
I am Sachindra Dilhara, an undergraduate at the Faculty of Engineering in
University of Moratuwa, SriLanka. I am really passionate to work in a GSOC
project. After going through the project list I was curious about the VLC
projects. I went through the whole list of projects and Found some
interesting projects that I would suit.

I found the project "VLC Personnal Cloud Project 2.0" which comes under the
"Key VLC projects". Currently I am doing some work related to web, so that I
might be able to make some serious contribution to that project in GSOC. I
have a quite a thorough know in HTML, HTML5, JavaScript and other web
related technologies.

And I also like some of the other projects that are categorized under the
"Key VLC projects". They are
-Shader support for DirectX/OpenGL
-Enhanced DVD Audio support
-Blu-ray enhancements
-Set of lua extensions

Most of them require the C and Java knowledge which I am quite capable with.

Further I like to work with the projects in VLMC. The  "YouTube integration"
project in that sound like a great one and willing to work in a project like
that. But I would like to some more information on that to get some broader
view of the project.

"VLC Task bar/Toolbar Mode" project listed under Supplementary ideas is also
interested me.

I am keen to work on a VLC project as it is one of the widely distributed
and highly used application in the community, and love to get the
satisfaction of developing something valuable for a product which the whole
world is using. I expect some guidance which required to get some knowledge
on the above projects and the technologies which I should be thorough with.
Thank you.

Sachindra Dilhara
Department of CSE
Faculty of Engineering
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