[vlc-devel] FSF position on GPLv2 & current App Store terms

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Wed Nov 3 10:00:31 CET 2010

On Wed, Nov 03, 2010 at 09:00:04AM +0100, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote :
> Reading the thread, you're the one owing apologies for gross misbehavior,
> not him.
Clearly not.
And seeing you saying that is of such irony...

> That is gratuitous as well. I don't see any community being split up, let
> alone deliberately by the FSF. I only see flaming, which is bad, but far
> less severe.
Splitting, clearly.
When some developers are fighting and leaving, this is splitting.

> And if someone has tried to alienate part of the community, it
> is _you_:
> http://twitter.com/videolan/status/29189418336

The FSF article is misleading, for many reasons, especially the part
between Apple, Applidium, VLC and VideoLAN.

> There is an expression for statement of this kind: blatant lie.
> http://twitter.com/mashable/status/28689451409
> http://twitter.com/01net/status/28697601912
> http://twitter.com/engadget/status/28688986073
> (all of the above "retweeted" by you)
Which are retweets of top-tweets at the time, about VLC, like I do so
many times, when the twits are about VLC. They are tweets about paid
apps to control VLC and so on...

> > Moreover, Gray Area does not mean forbidden, AFAIK.
> Gray area means on your own (responsibility), not green light.
Noone objects that. And I was not the one publishing the software.

> > And? A journalist or a so-called activist needs to verify their sources.
> > Which they didn't.
> Probably. But that is hypocritical. You promoted libvpx while it was still
> clearly incompatible, and MobileVLC which still is incompatible.
I don't see what the libvpx issue has to come here. Especially when
Google guaranteed they would fix the issue in a very short amount of
time, which they did.

> I am really disappointed by your persistence.
And me by yours at defending the FSF.
Once again, I care about the users of VLC.

I still find the way the FSF used us, clearly misleading the users in
what the situtation is (not the Gnu Go case, not VideoLAN), is wrong.
And I don't see why you want to deny that.

The legality of VLC on the AppStore is not mine to decide, once again,
but understanding clearly, and not accepting blindly one's analysis is my right.

Best Regards,

Jean-Baptiste Kempf
+33 672 704 734

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