[vlc-devel] Smooth Streaming

Christopher Mueller christopher.mueller at itec.uni-klu.ac.at
Fri Aug 19 19:29:56 CEST 2011

>> Normaly the plugin should open the the urls and simply handover the
>> segments to the avformat demux. So on the ouptput you should see some
>> error messages from avformat demux instead.
> These are messages from libavformat, which is called from avformat
> demux (if I understand well).

You are right.
>> They init the stream with the information from the client manifest but
>> this is just a guess.
> Yes it must be as you say, because I have looked at the requests sent
> by a Smooth Streaming client (Google Chrome + Moonlight), and the
> first fragment is requested immediately after the manifest file. So
> the client have to initialize the stream with the information it has,
> i.e. the manifest file. But then it's not as easy to build a client
> (as easy as it could be).

This is typical for microsoft or :D.
>>>> So what
>>>> you can do is create an init segment for that stream or init the demux
>>>> with the information from the manifest file by yourself.
>>> Do you happen to have links to documentation that could explain how to
>>> do that ? I didn't find good doc about MP4 / ISOFF in general. Maybe
>>> should I play with MP4Box to get a better understanding to this
>>> container ?
>> Maybe you should take a look into the standard ;)
>> ISOBMFF MPEG-4 Part 12, ISO/IEC 14496-12
>> MP4 MPEG-4 Part 14, ISO/IEC 14496-14
> Ok this is not easy reading but I'll endeavor to read them :-)

Take a look at Annex C.7 of the ISOBMFF standard it describes the
construction of fragmented movies.

Best Regards

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