[vlc-devel] Smooth Streaming

Christopher Mueller christopher.mueller at itec.uni-klu.ac.at
Thu Aug 25 19:20:39 CEST 2011

>> Take a look at Annex C.7 of the ISOBMFF standard it describes the
>> construction of fragmented movies.
>> Best Regards
>> Chris
> Chris, thank you for your help :-)  I read the ISOBMFF standard and I
> managed to get a MOOV box. Now it works if run VLC with a MPD file in
> which I have replaced URLs by URLs to Smooth Streaming fragments.

Nice work.

> I still don't understand why the client have to build the MOOV box
> from the Manifest file, it isn't an easy task (a priori). I will try
> to look at Moonlight code to see how they do that.

I also dont know but Microsoft takes also part at the DASH standardization
so if you are lucky the will adopt to the DASH standard after the release
which should be at the end of August. But I would not bet on that ;)
> Regards,
> --
> Frédéric Yhuel

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