[vlc-devel] new LUA HTTP Interface Part 3

Elminster2031 elminster2031 at archmageinc.com
Fri Jun 17 04:35:50 CEST 2011

> Please reply inline (quoting). Referring by number to unnumbered bullets in
> another mail is really not friendly.

I apologize as I am still familiarizing myself with posting here

>> 1) I only show 4 errors, but non-the-less it should be changed
> http://validator.w3.org doesn't say the same

That's where I went and only showed four errors, never-the-less it was changed

>> 3) Picky picky - vertical align in part 3
> Not picky. When you reduce sizes, everything becomes unaligned.
> You already had the good idea to align labels to the right side.

It was sarcasm

>> 5) Yes the 'open stream' is designed for one click streaming for user
>> friendliness
> The name must reflect the usage.

What do you recommend?

>> 6) Browser max height: 600 - in part 3
> Would be better to set it dynamically to browser's height.
> Anyway, the current limit isn't working (only works when using the resize
> handle). You need to force the widget to recompute size.

maxHeight: 600 in patch 3 should have fixed it. It shouldn't have a  
static height.

>> 7) Ah yes, this is actually jQuery themes lack of ui-selected css
>> definition, Manual colors would make it less them-able, I'll wait
>> until I or someone else has a better solution.
> .ui-selectee { color: #1C94C4; }

By manually using a color, it adds user complexity when changing themes.

>> 8) see number 7, the style is toggled, though there is no ui-selected css
>> def.
> .ui-selected { background-color: #1C94C4; }
> .ui-selected div { color: #000; }

Again, manual colors is not theme friendly.

>> 9) 'Audio slider is not really working' needs more explanation. What
>> audio slider? 'Audio Delay'?
> Drag or click, the volume always goes back to the previous value.

I do not experience this problem in any of my environments. Do you see  
it send the command? Does the library reload?

>> 10) Talk to jQuery UI about their color definitions. If you don't like
>> it, use another theme.
> .ui-slider-range { background-color: #000; }

Again, manual colors.

>> 11) The playlist loads with the media library and is an output from
>> playlist.xml, if it displays wrong, it isn't coming out of the xml
>> right.
> You're building an UI, not printing raw data.
> Think about people with long and/or many subdirs.
> Just suppress anything before the last '/' for the item entry and keep the
> link as is.

My point is the xml output should be standardized. The UI should not  
have to process pre-processed information.

>> I have tested with FF: 4.0.1, GC: 12.0.742.100, IE 9.0
> We need tests with some more buggier (IE <<) and some more pickier (webkit
> based).

Be my guest.

> "1.2.0-git Twoflower - Lua Web Interface - Copyright © 1996-2011 the VideoLAN
> team "
> What about adding a link to a new Wiki Web Page dedicated to this new
> interface ? (will put online help there)

What new wiki? With as many times as these patches have come back to  
me, I really don't know if it will ever make it into the release.


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