[vlc-devel] httplive bug fixes

David Glaude david.glaude at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 16:32:48 CEST 2011

2011/10/3 Jean-Paul Saman <jpsaman at gmail.com>
> On Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 7:11 PM, Sergio M. Ammirata, Ph.D.
> <sergio at ammirata.net> wrote:> 6) I added a new option that will let the user specify the specific stream
> > to use from the meta index file. This option is useful if you do not want to
> > switch between bitrates when they are available.
> As told you in private already 6 is a NAK

Without entering in your private conversation, I see an interest in
getting a fixed video bitrate of the video. For live, there is a high
risk of running out of buffer, but for VOD there is no issue.
If not for watching, it might be usefull for archive of a video or for
transcoding into anything else.
What is really missing from VLC for anybody working with content
available in multiple video bitrate, it is a way to specify the
"available bitrate" from your internet connection (could be set to
autodetect). Then VLC should obey this information and when multiple
bitrate are available, pick one below your max. What is needed is a
global parameter similar to prefered language.
If you agree that a max might be needed (just like it is present in
Windows Media Player and Quicktime Player), then a min should be
possible ("I refuse to see pixelized video with bitrate below x"). And
with a min and a max, you can pick a precise bitrate.
As for HLS, it might not be necessary at all if VLC support to read
directly from one of the variant playlist such as:
http://example.com/mid.m3u8 (see

Could you please indicate if "Playlist with Alternative audio" is or
will be supported by VLC?

I am literally obsess with multilanguage support and have the strong
feeling that iOS5 (already available for apple developper) to be
announced on iPhone 5(?) tomorow may well support some kind of
alternate audio support.

The trick is that the audio is downloaded separately from the video
and it is up to the player to sync both.

This is perfect from a transport/caching/storing point of view.


David Glaude

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