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dooteo dooteo at euskalgnu.org
Tue Feb 14 10:57:42 CET 2012

Hi Christophe

Let me to introduce myself. My name is Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio (aka
Dooteo) and I'm GNOME, OpenOffice.org, LyX, Inkscape, Scribus, Bluefish
and other projects Basque lang leader [1]. I use to work  with Basque
Government Language Policy Department to translate Free Software to
Basque language. Those projects use a unified term bank and translation
style discussed, created and fixed during last 10 years.

Let me involve in this VLC case, Xabier's translation does not follow
those rules. Furthermore, Xabier translations are not easy to
understand, nobody can get what they mean, and consecuently nobody can
use VLC with Basque UI. I don't like to say this, but honestly, it's one
of the worst translation ever seen in my life.

The file submitted to you by Aritz (vlc-1.1.3_eu.po) was been translate
by Basque Goverment in our last project (in which there was translated
many GNOME applications UI as well as OOo/LiBo HelpContent modules among
other things). Basque Goverment translation was allowed by Aritz at the
beginning of that huge translation project, and sent back to Aritz once
it was translated and reviewed.

That's why taking those facts in mind, I'm asking you to use/include
Aritz sent vlc-1.1.3_eu.po file in VLC project.

Thanks and Best Regards,



Jatorrizko mezua: al., 2012-02-13 22:51 +0100, egilea: aritz erkiaga
> Hello Christophe,
> Though there are different dialects of Basque spoken, there is a
> unified official grammar that is learned in school and used by the
> official government.
> It's no an easy choice, but  I support that  behind the .pou I gave
> you there is a team (www.librezale.org) integrated by different
> translators who are trying to unify all works they are doing.
> I suggest you try to contact with Xabier and ask him if he has
> any objection with our translation. Maybe he agree that our translate
> may be more appropriated to general public.
> Regards,
> 2012/2/11 Christophe Mutricy <xtophe at chewa.net>
>         azpidatziak at gmail.com
>         Bcc:
>         Subject: Re: Basque translation
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>         In-Reply-To: <9A507ED7-AA29-4AF9-AF2D-A5D65B9F9437 at gmail.com>
>         Hello,
>         On Thu, Feb 02, 12 at 00:13 +0100, Aritz Erkiaga Elorza wrote:
>         > I'm the  maintainer of the Basque  translation of VLC. I've
>          seen that
>         > you  are using  a  translation  made by  Xabier  Aramendi
>         as  official
>         > instead  of the  last I  gave  you. As  the maintainer  of
>         the  Basque
>         > translation of VLC,  is my duty alert  you that you are
>          using a wrong
>         > translation.
>         According to a quick (hence not exhaustive) search i my mail
>         archive,
>         the last time we communicated was in March 2010. So when
>         Xabier proposed
>         himself last May, it appear that I failed to point  him to you
>         i.e. the
>         curent maintainer as I usually do possibly because it was a
>         long time
>         since I had recieved a .po from you.
>         > I've seen that you are using  a translation made by Xabier
>         Aramendi as
>         > official, but this translation doesn't  use the standard
>         Basque terms,
>         > and consequently users  may not understand the interface.
>          We have had
>         > the same problem with Xabier's translations in some other
>         applications
>         > too, and  told him so,  but he keeps  ignoring us.
>         Therefore,  I would
>         > thank you so much if you used the translation attached to
>         these e-mail
>         > instead of  the one  he provided  you, and  ask the
>          maintainer before
>         > accepting any other translation.
>         Now that put me between a rock and a hard place. Obviously I
>         don't speak
>         a word of Basque. So I don't really have any mean to know who
>         to trust.
>         So if I rephrase: there is several basque dialects and the one
>         used by
>         Xabier is uncommon or rather the one used by Iñaki and you is
>         more
>         common.
>         Is there country/area descriptor that people use to
>         differentiate
>         between the dialects? This way we could make every one happy.
>         Regards,
>         --
>         Xtophe

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