[vlc-devel] [vlc-commits] Audio: Core Audio: Initialize starting volume for analog devices.

Jon Stacey jon at jonsview.com
Thu Mar 8 23:58:04 CET 2012

> Ok, so you are blatantly lying and telling everyone that the documentation and 
> aout core that I spent lots of time to rewrite sucks.


Perhaps I have not been clear. I am not saying that it sucks. What I am indeed saying is that the behavior does not seem consistent to me and that I am trying to understand _why_. If there is a specific reason that it is not consistent I have not found it yet, and that is what I'm trying to get to the root of.

I only care about the problem being solved. I do not care who wrote the code. I am not here to say this is wrong or that is wrong. What I DO care about is understanding the intention of the code. Please take your ego out of this because I have not been attacking you or your contributions.

So, let's recap:

You mentioned that there was documentation, so I searched for it and could not find it. When I asked for the documentation that you spoke of you replied:

> It's hard to find when you don't search
> It's right below the changes by yout 52 patch.

The documentation to which you referred did not answer my question, which is still trying to figure out why the volume set callback of any module is not called on initialization, and if it indeed should not be and this is correct behavior, how is volume being initialized?

So I searched again. And I searched again another time. I still have not found the elusive documentation you continue to refer to. The one or two line comments at the top of the function implementations are not enough for me to personally answer this question. That is not to say that the documentation is bad, sucks, or belittles the work you have done in this area. It simply means that it is not enough information for me to answer the question, and so continuing to point me to this documentation as if it should be common sense is not helpful.

> that I spent lots of time to rewrite sucks.

You did write large portions of the code here, which is why I was expecting something of a more helpful answer. What is obvious to you is not obvious to me or others because we did not write the code, so we do not inherently understand its design or intent. As I have repeatedly asked, if there is specific information that I am overlooking then please point it out to me _specifically_. 

> For some reasons, I don't feel like helping you anymore.

That is disappointing, but it is your choice. You had the opportunity to help someone else [who was willing] to understand the code and perhaps make his own contributions better through understanding. Instead, you are reacting as though (1) the information should be common sense when it is truly not common sense, and (2) that you are being personally attacked, which you have not been.

I suppose the lesson to end this thread is: develop without the attitude: http://mikebernat.com/blog/Egoless_Programming_-_Developing_Without_the_Attitude

I share that with good intentions,.



On Mar 8, 2012, at 3:13 PM, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:

> Le jeudi 8 mars 2012 22:50:10 Jon Stacey, vous avez écrit :
>>> We don't document the internals of PulseAudio, CoreAudio or whatever
>>> in VLC, obviously. Please refer to PulseAudio if you really care; I
>>> don't even know the exact details because I don't (need to) care.
>> That's fine, but that is not the documentation that I need or am asking
>> for. I need VLCs documentation, and there appears to be none (or very
>> little).
> There is no documentation for stuff that does not exist. I don't think that 
> makes the documentation bad.
>>> This is very well documented. You're making assumptions and they're
>>> wrong.
>>> That's your problem.
>>> The documentation has everything there is to the VLC core volume
>>> handling.
>> With all due respect, no, it is not well documented. Here is the trace
>> I just did by hand:
>> Interface/GUI -> aout_VolumeSet() -> aout_VolumeSet() in intf.c
> ...is documented.
>> ->
>> 	prepareVolume()
>> 	commitVolume()
>> 		pf_volume_set()
> ...is documented in aout_VolumeHardInit(). We cannot document callbacks in the 
> usual sense since they have no unique implementation.
>> 			VolumeSet() called as specified by aout_VolumeHardInit()
> ...is the Auhal callback for pf_volume_set. That is not in the core and thus 
> out of scope.
>> 			"volume" and "mute" variables set/updated
>> None of these functions are documented.
> Ok, so you are blatantly lying and telling everyone that the documentation and 
> aout core that I spent lots of time to rewrite sucks.
> For some reasons, I don't feel like helping you anymore.
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