[vlc-devel] Lua extension and vlc.misc

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Sat Mar 10 03:54:22 CET 2012

> > MC also uses "vlc.misc" in several other ways. It uses
> > "vlc.misc.mwait()" and "vlc.misc.mdate()" to wait for the new
> > metadata to stabilise after each track change. Using callbacks alone
> > can't get the job done in this case!
> You need to fix your code. If you cannot find a way to do that within
> the limits of the current Lua interfaces, then the Lua interfaces need
> to be extended.

What metadata are we talking about here exactly? The description sout
uses a similar hack. Maybe we could add a new input event that signals
when the metadata are stabilized after the start-up phase?

Pierre Ynard
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